High End Hifi Stereo Design Loudspeakers
and High End Hifi Stereo Amplifiers

Loudspeaker Model: Spark Ganymed Ruapehu Sub  
Dimensions: (H*W*D): 29cm*18cm*18cm 48cm*18cm*25cm 110cm*22cm*25cm 64cm*25cm*36cm  
Power handling: (Music): 200 Watt 200 Watt 200 Watt 400Watt active  
Bandwidth: 45Hz - 40 000Hz 45Hz - 40 000Hz 25Hz - 40 000Hz 25Hz - 100Hz  
Impedance: (nominal): 8 Ohms 4 Ohms 8 Ohms active  
Sensitivity: 87dB 89dB 89dB    
Principle: Bassreflex Bassreflex Bassreflex Bassreflex  
Drivers: Woofer: 1 * 5" " Polyepicell " 2 * 5" " Polyepicell" 1 * 6.5" " Polyepicell" 2 * 6.5 " " Polyepicell "  
Midrange: - 1 * 4" " Polyepicell"
Tweeter: 1 * 1" " Polyepicell" 1 *1" " Polyepicell" 1 *1" " Polyepicell"


Loudspeaker Model: Endeavour Pacifica Oceania Whalesong  
Dimensions: (H*W*D): 125cm*30cm*25cm 83cm*29cm*29cm 98cm*34cm*30cm 160cm*30cm*40cm  
Power handling: (Music): 300Watt 300 Watt 300 Watt 350 Watt  
Bandwidth: 25Hz - 40 000Hz 25Hz - 40 000Hz 25Hz - 40 000Hz 25Hz - 40 000Hz  
Impedance: (nominal): 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 4 Ohms  
Sensitivity: 91dB 90dB 90dB 91dB  
Principle: Bassreflex Bassreflex Bassreflex Bassreflex  
  omnidirectional omnidirectional  
Drivers: Woofer: "2 * 6.5" " Polyepicell " "2 * 6.5" " Polyepicell" "2 * 6.5" " Polyepicell" "6 * 5" " Polyepicell"  
Midrange: "2 * 4" " Polyepicell" "2 * 4" " Polyepicell" "2 * 4" " Polyepicell"  
Tweeter: "1 *1" " Polyepicell" "2 *1" " Polyepicell" "2 *1" " Polyepicell" "1 *1" " Polyepicell"  





High End Hifi Stereo Design Loudspeakers

and High End Hifi Stereo Amplifiers

 we reserve the right to make optical or technical changes to the above modells at any time without further notice.



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KEA AUDIO introduces NEW CONE TECHNOLOGY for Stereo LOUDSPEAKERS which enhances the performance of STEREO AND DOLBY SURROUND SYSTEMS Kea Audio produces High End Hifi Stereo Speakers and High End Stereo Amplifiers with the goal to achieve the best sound reproduction.

In order to accomplish that we undertake a lot of research and develope new technology and materials. Audio Designer and Acoustic Engineer J. Lang, M.Sc. has over 20 years experience in hifi loudspeaker design and worked many years on the development of an innovative new cone material, a polymer hard foam called 'Polyepicell'. Using the same material for woofers and tweeters we achieve a very homogenous natural sound. Polyepicell has superior properties and combines qualities like stiffness and light weight. The enormous stiffness of Polyepicell eliminates bending and the specially designed damping avoids the feared cone breakups. The sound of this amazing loudspeaker is therefore extremely transparent and natural and the light weight of the cones allows an accurate and fast impulse response with an impact that leaves listeners astounded. The light weight causes a very high loudspeaker efficiency, which means that the electrical energy from the amplifier is transformed into a big percentage of acoustic energy of the loudspeaker, so amplifiers with little output power can drive our speakers sufficiently and at high volumes.

Since all parts are carefully selected for best performance, designed and assembled at our own premises, a perfect matching and balance can be achieved. No compromises are made and only the best is good enough. Listen to these speakers and experience the exhilarating and dynamic sound.

'KEA AUDIO' was named after the rare mountain parrot 'Kea'. The company was founded 10 years ago in Nelson City, a coastal town in the North of the South Island of New Zealand. Nelson is well known for Art and Design. Many renowned Artists and Craftspeople are involved with our products.

We use many native and unique timbers which are only found in New Zealand. All cabinets and drivers are hand assembled here in Nelson at our own premises. Our Philosophy emphasizes quality, exclusiveness and individual productions for the connoisseur who is looking for something special

This is state of the art loudspeaker design technology.

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